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As someone who has spent many years in London, I've always been captivated by the unique charm and history that each neighborhood offers. The Brockley Barge, a Wetherspoons bar in Brockley, is a perfect example of this charm. With its distinctive exterior, this local spot has become a lively hub where stories unfold and memories are created. Inspired by its character, I embarked on a project to illustrate its facade in a way that would capture its essence.

Using a blend of hand-drawn techniques and digital tools, I created a black-and-white line drawing to showcase the iconic look of the Brockley Barge. Each line was carefully placed to highlight the unique architecture, from the prominent signage to the inviting entrance that greets visitors. My aim was to depict the enduring charm that has made this location a cherished part of Brockley.

As a Londoner, there's something special about illustrating the city's iconic exteriors. It's not just about the structures; it's about preserving the spirit and stories that give life to the community. Through this artwork, I want to share my appreciation for the Brockley Barge and encourage others to explore the beauty found in London's diverse neighborhoods.

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