The Brockley Barge
The Brockley Barge

The Brockley Barge

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Celebrate the lively spirit of Brockley with this detailed black and white line drawing print of the Brockley Barge, a beloved Wetherspoons pub. Created by hand with a fine liner pen, this print captures the unique energy and charm of a popular local gathering spot.

The Brockley Barge is renowned for its warm ambiance, bustling crowd, and delicious pub food. Whether you're there for a casual drink or a hearty meal, this pub is a favorite among Brockley locals for its laid-back vibe and lively atmosphere.

Add this line drawing to your collection to bring a touch of Brockley's pub culture into your space. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the conviviality of a classic British pub or wants a reminder of evenings spent among friends.

The super matt finish gives this paper muted blacks with even colour reproduction and excellent detail. The surface has minimal texture with a chalky smooth cotton feel which creates smooth colour gradients. It has a delicate surface.


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