The Duke Greenwich
The Duke Greenwich

The Duke Greenwich

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Experience the charm of The Duke Greenwich with this black and white line drawing and colour print. Hand-drawn with a fine-liner pen and then digitized to preserve its authentic look, this illustration brings to life the inviting atmosphere and vibrant energy of this beloved pub.

The Duke Greenwich is known for its friendly local crowd and lively ambience. Located in Deptford, it's a popular spot for grabbing a drink, enjoying delicious pub food, or simply relaxing with friends. The detailed linework captures the essence of the bar.

This print makes a fantastic addition to any space, providing a touch of Greenwich's warmth and character. Ideal for those who appreciate handcrafted art and the lively spirit of local pubs, it's a piece that connects you to the heart of this vibrant community.

The super matt finish gives this paper muted blacks with even colour reproduction and excellent detail. The surface has minimal texture with a chalky smooth cotton feel which creates smooth colour gradients. It has a delicate surface.


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