Los Angeles Sketch Book Drawings

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This February 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to spend 12 days in Long Beach, Los Angeles. As an artist and creative enthusiast, I was inspired by the chance to capture Urban Sketch Book Drawing and it was an amazing experience.

During my time there, I spent a lot of time exploring the city and sketching its unique streetscapes. From the vibrant buildings to the bustling sidewalks, Long Beach has a captivating street life that is full of color. It was truly inspiring to be able to capture this essence in my sketches; from the swaying palm trees to the entertaining street performers, it all came alive on paper.

In addition to sketching, I also took on a personal project: creating a pen-ink map of Los Angeles’ key landmarks. From the iconic Hollywood sign to the famous Santa Monica Pier, every important site in LA has its own special story. It was so rewarding being able to draw each one with such detail and appreciation for their history and culture.

One of my highlights during my trip was visiting the breathtaking Getty Center in Los Angeles. This museum houses an impressive collection of art, but even more impressive is its architecture which is a work of art itself! Taking a stroll through its stunning gardens while taking in views of the city was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Another unforgettable moment was when I explored the beaches along Long Beach's coast. As soon as my feet touched the soft sand warmed by sunrays and looked out onto dazzling blue ocean waters, I knew this spot would be one worth revisiting again soon.

My 12 days in Long Beach and Los Angeles were filled with creativity, inspiration, and adventure beyond compare. I can’t wait for another chance to explore all this amazing city has to offer!

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